We industrially wash, dry, cut, color, tailor, sew, provide special effects for a wide spectrum of textile garments. Our job is to increase the value of your textile collection.

Working for over 50 years with hundreds of talented and demanding customers, we have accumulated a long experience in handling the productions that we are entrusted. In the same way we are implicated in the key stages of sample collection and pre-production.

For us creativity means helping the customer industrialize his idea or, upon request, proposing an idea.

The added value of our work and the challenge is to provide a unique and personal look to each garment and at the same time to manage an industrial production.

  • Normal washing
  • Enzyme washing
  • Silicone washing
  • Stone or perlite washing
  • Disperser washing
  • Dry cleaning
  • Chloride washing, bleaching, discoloring
  • Weave de-gluing for fabrics comprising of elastan
  • Tumbler
  • Ball tumbler
  • These types of washing may differ by duration, fabric composition and temperature.
  • Direct dyeing
  • Reactive dyeing
  • Pigment dyeing
  • Strange dyeing
  • "Old" effect dyeing
  • Wool dyeing
  • Kashmir dyeing
  • Angora dyeing
  • Silk dyeing
  • Dyeing of nylon jacket lined with natural fuzz
  • Nylon dyeing
  • Polyester dyeing
  • Double dyeing (cotton+ny)
  • Double direct/reactive dyeing viscose/elite
  • Angiante dyeing
  • Maltinto dyeing
  • Tie – dyeing
  • "Marmo" effect dyeing
  • Dip dyeing
  • Chemical or pigment spraying
  • Whiskers
  • Tridimensional effects
  • Calabroni
  • Penelat
  • Fraffiato (special effects with the help of adhesive strips)
  • Rips
  • Laser


25 Tons
Daily capacity for dyeing cotton
8 Tons
Daily capacity for dyeing wool
25000 Units
Daily washing capacity
2.5 Tons
Daily capacity of chemical cleaning treatments


  • We have state of the art machines, 50 years-worth or know how in this business and a highly qualified staff.
  • Our daily capacity for dyeing cotton (2 shifts) 25 tons.
  • Daily capacity for dyeing wool (2 shifts) 8 tons.
  • Daily capacity for wash, stone wash and other treatments (2 shifts) 25000 units.
  • Daily capacity for dry cleaning treatments (3 shifts), 2,5 tons.
  • All kind of finishing for denim, manual scraping, chemical spraying and other.
  • Ability to process directly all kinds of garment finishing with the exception of print and embroidery. Pressing service only for denim and large volumes.
  • We can provide print and embroidery services in cooperation with other partner companies.
  • Pick-up and delivery of the goods 24h/7
  • Logistic and Customs Department Consulting for import-export contracts etc.
  • For reproducing colors and developing new treatments we conduct tests in the four laboratories: denim, wool, cotton, seamless ny.
  • The high level of quality demanded by our clients regarding the production does not leave room anything but precision and detail perfection. We are crazy about quality and details .
  • Our specialists are analyzing both the production processes as well the fashion trends, choosing new solutions in order to anticipate customer needs.
  • We conduct testes in our sophisticated laboratory, we process your samples quickly and we are 100% dedicated to your success.
  • Our aim and commitment is to create life time win-win partnerships, to serve our clients and to always overcome their expectations.